Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nissan Leaf sales hit 10,000 worldwide

2011 Nissan Leaf
2011 Nissan Leaf 

10,000 worldwide
 and, as of Wednesday August 10, 5,000 in the U.S. Those are two of the sales-related milestones that the Nissan Leaf has already surpassed.

Nissan spokeswoman Katherine Zachary told PluginCars the Japanese automaker officially blew by the 5,000-unit mark on Wednesday and is roughly on pace to sell 1,000 Leafs in the month of August. That's approximately the same amount as the automaker sold in July.

PluginCars says hitting the 5,000-unit milestone is a "positive sign that Nissan is finally working down its list of backorders."

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