Thursday, September 22, 2011

Global Biofuels Production

Global biofuels production in 2010 grew by 13.8%, or 240,000 b/d, constituting one of the largest sources of liquids production growth in the world. Growth was driven by the US (+140,000 b/d, or 17%) and Brazil (+50,000 b/d, or 11.5%). Renewable energy used in power generation grew by 15.5%, driven by continued robust growth in wind energy (+22.7%). 

Supply increased for the tenth year in a row as ethanol output reached 43.5 mtoe (1.5 mb/d) and biodiesel production hit 15.8 mtoe (0.4 mb/d). Ethanol production accelerated by 16% compared to 9% in 2009, while biodiesel growth slowed to 9% compared to growth of 24% the previous year.The US and Brazil continue to dominate global ethanol production with market shares of 56% and 32% respectively. Growth rates accelerated in 2010 from the previous year as the US grew by 21% versus 18% and Brazil expanded by 8% after falling 4%. The biodiesel market is much less concentrated than that of ethanol, but also much smaller, contributing less than a third of total biofuel production. The largest producers are Germany, France, Brazil, and Argentina – all with 10-14% market share. Europe dominates production with 59% of the total, while the US contributes only 6%.

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