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China and Russia's natural gas competition

Total 2.26 trillion cubic meters of natural gas reserves are proved natural gas resources in the world, proving 11.7 per cent holding  Turkmenistan, by 2020, aims to invest $ 60 billion in the energy sector, so in 2030 the country will be producing 250 billion cubic meters of natural gas, the amount of exports will be 125 billion cubic meters in 2015, and 200 billion cubic meters in 2030 aims to remove.World in terms of natural gas reserves in Russia, Iran and Qatar, and is now in fourth place after the 65 billion cubic meters of gas which produces an annual average of Turkmenistan, until the early years of dependency on Russia to sell only with natural gas was produced, today, as well as Russia, China and Iran has started to export natural gas.Natural gas producer in the region, and 6.25 trillion cubic meters of natural gas reserves are estimated to be 58 billion cubic meters of gas produces an annual average of Uzbekistan, an important part of it is consumed within the country, while about 10-12 billion cubic meters mainly Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to the exports.That of the former USSR members in the late 1960s under the Central Asia (Russia) has already started its exports to Russia over natural gas pipeline Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan continued, still continues to export natural gas to Russia in 2009, the head of Russia and Turkmenistan some of the conflicts that followed the purchase of natural gas, natural gas from Turkmenistan, which is the most important strategic export product, sought to export through other alternative routes. 
China's growing need for natural gasRecent years significantly increased the need for natural gas, the world's largest natural gas consumers in China, the average annual 24.5 billion cubic meters in 2000, and in 2008, 80 billion cubic meters of gas you use, today this figure has exceeded 100 billion cubic meters.Industry in the national economy in the world, and China has one of the fastest-growing countries, in 2020, 300 billion cubic meters of natural gas demand in 2035 is expected to reach 400 billion cubic meters during this period, a significant portion of China's natural gas imported from abroad, especially Turkmenistan the Central Asian countries is expected to import.At first, it was established to buy natural gas from Kazakhstan Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline on the memorandum of understanding in 2003, during the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao, Kazakhstan signing by the heads of state of the two countries, followed by China with other countries in the management of Central Asia, Turkmenistan and began talks with Uzbekistan on this issue as well.As a result of these negotiations in 2006, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan in 2007 and then agreed to purchase natural gas from these countries, the Chinese government in 2008, which will carry natural gas from Turkmenistan to China via Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan from Central Asia-China gas pipeline began construction of . 
China's largest buyer of Turkmen natural gasStarting from December 2009 to take the first Turkmen natural gas to China, the largest recipient of natural gas produced in Turkmenistan, while as soon as possible, so that the energy needs of a growing, particularly in the Central Asian countries of Turkmenistan began to meet.Beginning in December 2009, and Turkmenistan opened the first network activity Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline extending to China over the total length of the seven thousand kilometers, creating 185 kilometers of that Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, 530 kilometers, 304 kilometers of thousands of Kazakhstan and the remaining going through the Chinese territory of 5 thousand kilometers. Still continuing the construction of the third network the total amount of the Central Asia-China gas pipeline is expected to reach $ 20 billion.Between China and Turkmenistan in 2008, 40 billion cubic meters per year to China for 30 years, signing an agreement on the sale of Turkmen natural gas, and then between the two countries, China sold 65 billion cubic meters of Turkmen gas to reach agreement on the annual amount provided.In this context, in 2008 the construction of the Central Asia-China gas pipeline was launched in December in 2009 the first network and the second network is opening operations in December 2010, the pipeline to 3.5 billion cubic meters in 2010, 13 billion cubic meters of Turkmen gas in 2011 were exported.China, under the agreement between the parties, provided, in 2012, 22 billion cubic meters in 2013, 33 billion in 2014 and 2015, from 37 billion cubic meters of Turkmen natural gas to 65 billion per year is planning to buy.In this context, the growing need for natural gas, natural gas from Central Asia with the correct targeting China, with an annual capacity of 25 billion cubic meters of gas will be the third network in Central Asia-China gas pipeline started laying, while the total length of the project amount to $ 2.2 billion in 1840 kilometer long natural gas pipeline that were in network construction is expected to be completed by the end of this year.The third network of the Central Asia-China pipeline, starting from January 2014 to China to carry natural gas from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in part to begin planning the opening of its activities in the network such that the total volume of natural gas from Central Asia natural gas pipeline to China on an annual 65 billion cubic meters expects to reach.Meanwhile, China's CNPC company in 2007, according to the agreement signed between the Turkmen and Chinese Governments for the first time a foreign company, the Turkmen gas fields, given a search warrant, CNPC company, described as one of the world's largest natural gas deposits in South Iolotan-Osman field  has undertaken the construction of multi-billion dollar search and wastewater treatment plants.On the other hand, finally, between Turkmenistan and China, China Development Bank, a $ 8.1 billion lending agreement on Turkmengas State Agency has also provided.Increasingly important part of natural gas via Central Asia aims to meet the needs of China, as of last year, natural gas producer in the region began to purchase natural gas from Uzbekistan.Uzbekneftegaz which is part of Uztransgaz within the framework of the agreement signed between PetroChina International Limited is the world's natural gas price will be purchased in accordance with Uzbek natural gas from Turkmenistan through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to China starting from the Central Asia-China gas pipeline to be moved out. 
Central Asia-Russia gas pipelineThat of the former USSR in the late 1960s under the Central Asia-Center (Center) was started in Russia over natural gas pipeline Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan continued its exports, continues to export gas to Russia today.In recent years, known as the most important natural gas pipeline Turkmenistan-China pipeline, the implementation of the project, an important player in the world natural gas market, Russia's position in this region rocked the natural gas market, which is the former Central Asian gas to Russia receiver only and does not change, no longer Turkmen and Uzbek for purchase of natural gas, as well as Iran and other countries in the region have to compete with China.Russian natural gas giant Gazprom quintessence, receiver based on natural gas produced in Turkmenistan until recently state, the Russian company purchased 10 billion cubic meters of gas in 2011, with 22 billion cubic meters last year, this year, China aims to buy 33 billion cubic meters of Turkmen gas to in the face of competition, the second in the ranking of being the recipients based on Turkmen natural gas to flow.Other countries of Central Asia, Uzbekistan, around 14 billion cubic meters of natural gas purchased in previous years, Russia, now in this country to sell natural gas to China starting from 2012, after the beginning of last year, a total of 8 billion 686 million cubic meters of Uzbek gas purchasing contented.Uzbekistan, with China last year to sell natural gas to 10 billion cubic meters of Uzbek Uzbek gas to Russia to sign the agreement in the near future is inevitable negative effects on the position of the receiver.Meanwhile, the Russian company Gazprom in 2013-2015 with Uzbekistan Uzbek natural gas purchase last December and in transit through the country as well as on Uzbekistan in this context of this year, 7.5 billion cubic meters of Uzbek gas to Russia is expected to purchase.Turkmenistan, China and Iran established in recent years, from the natural gas pipeline routes, in this context will about the price of natural gas negotiations with Russian gas giant Gazprom, the urge to move more sure of this country, while the Turkmenistan-China pipeline, Russia China's natural gas is produced in the northern provinces of West and East Siberia, Russia-China natural gas pipeline which has affected and is expected to give birth to a new competitive environment.In 2012 Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan with a total of 33 billion cubic meters of gas to buy Russian company Gazprom to buy gas this year as countries in the region still considering taking this amount. 
And TAPI gas pipeline project in IranTurkmen natural gas, while the other neighbor, Iran is a recipient of the world's most natural gas producing countries of Iran, northern and northeastern parts of the country due to natural gas from Turkmenistan meets the need for geographical proximity.The average annual transport capacity of 20 billion cubic meters of gas through the Turkmenistan-Iran gas pipeline transport of natural gas is carried out annually on average 10-12 billion cubic meters of Turkmen.Korpece in the country before the annual average of 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas, natural gas selling bed and Turkmenistan to Iran in January 2010, in addition to the pipeline comes to opening new pipeline network operations, so that the previously agreed with its neighbor Iran, the annual amount of 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas, 14 has also agreed in billion cubic meters.Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan to Pakistan and India to connect "TAPI referred to as" the annual average of 33 billion cubic meters of natural gas by pipeline to transport Turkmen gas to markets in South Asia aimed and instability in Afghanistan poses a major obstacle to the realization of this project.Turkmenistan, however, since 1995, intensive efforts to accelerate the agenda indicates the TAPI project, due to political instability in the region for many years the implementation of any  1700-kilometer-long pipeline is expected to cost approximately 7.6 billion dollars.Supported by the Asian Development Bank agreement on the project in question, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan on December 2010, Pakistan and Afghanistan at the level of heads of state signing this agreement, TAPI and 33 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year for 30 years is expected to reach the South Asian countries.The instability in Afghanistan is still unclear, thus maintaining the safety of the project, the government of Turkmenistan on the other hand, is ready to supply the Nabucco project, the gas has already stated on many occasions.

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