Thursday, September 5, 2013

Brazil's natural gas production increased

Oil production in Brazil in July was approximately 1.974 million barrels per day of natural gas and 78.5 million cubic meters daily, totaling 2.468 million barrels of oil equivalent per day. The natural gas production increased by 10.6% compared to July 2012 and oil was down 2.4% compared to the same month. There was a 6% reduction in oil production and 1.9% for natural gas compared to June this year, mainly caused by the shutdown of the P-40 platform in the Marlim Sul field, for about 15 days.

Brazil total oil&gas production 2012 2013 

About 93% of oil and natural gas came from fields operated by Petrobras and approximately 91.4% of total oil production and 73.1% of natural gas production from offshore fields were exploited. The production originated in 9,050 wells, 784 marine and terrestrial 8266. The platform with the largest production was the P-56, which produced 143,800 barrels of oil equivalent per day through 8 wells located in the Marlim Sul


The pre-salt production was 296,400 barrels of oil and 9.9 million cubic meters of natural gas per day, totaling 358,800 barrels of oil equivalent per day, a reduction of 4.6% in the previous month. The main reason for the fall in production was the completion of the Early Production System (SPA) 3BRSA788SPS well, connected to the FPSO Cidade de São Vicente and located in the field Sapinhoá. The production came from wells located in 25 fields of the Blue Whale, Caratinga, Barracuda, Humpback, Sole, Squid, Marlin, Albacore, Marlim Leste, Pampo, Pirambu Sapinhoá and Trail.

Brazil oil production 2012 2013 

Mature basins and marginal accumulations

The production coming from mature basins terrestrial (Holy Spirit, Potiguar, Reconcavo, Sergipe and Alagoas) was 172,800 barrels of oil equivalent per day, 140,900 barrels of oil and 5.1 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. Fields whose contracts are marginal accumulations produced a total of 74.5 barrels of oil and 2.2 cubic meters of natural gas per day.

Brazil natural gas production 2012 2013 

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