Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gigawatt-scale photovoltaic factory for Europe

To restore the competitiveness of European industry for the future photovoltaic technology again and get, a consortium - consisting of leading European research institutes and companies - the concept for a multi-gigawatt factory. Objective is the promotion of photovoltaics as, Key Enabling Technology ', a strategically important key technology at European level.

European manufacturers of solar cells and modules have great difficulty to exist in the current crisis in the industry. However, the European solar research institutes, contractors and material manufacturers in the photovoltaic industry remain a technology leader. Without close cooperation with strong customers in Europe but their independence and their locations are increasingly at risk. The xGWp - Consortium meets this challenge with a new concept.

The photovoltaic plays a leading role in the energy mix of a sustainable energy supply. She has experienced a strong price reduction, the competitiveness of the electricity production cost of PV to fossil fuels has already been achieved in many markets. In the next few years, the global photovoltaic market will grow very strong. Against this background, the European consortium wants to keep up with the transition to a new generation of technology, the strong position of Europe in this future technology and use with a production in the gigawatt scale, as is now common in Asia, economies of scale. A central aspect of the new initiative is to ensure continuous innovation through the participation of the leading European research institutes in this field.

The project will contribute to making the European photovoltaic industry at a time when competitive again, to the global demand is gaining momentum again. For 2014, is expected to be the world market of 45 gigawatts, 2020 100 gigawatts or more are anticipated. As a European flagship project, it should radiate and show about the production beyond that developed with appropriate approaches in Europe technologies can be also produced here.The new technology is to be used primarily in the countries where strong sunlight makes the use of solar power very attractive right now. Both for the replacement of energy imports as well as export product may Photovoltaics for Europe become economically important.

The core group of the consortium include the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE (D), the Institut National de l'Energie Solaire CEA-INES (F) and the Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnology CSEM (CH) as well as several European industrial companies.

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