Friday, January 24, 2014

Innovative heat supply in Germany

In Nationwide unprecedented project, the Nova bath subsidiary WÄRMEPLUS and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE have joined forces with the support of the city of Freiburg and developed an innovative solar thermal energy system for an urban development area. Here, a heat supply system is combined for the first time based on combined heat and power with decentralized solar thermal. The heat power can also be turned off in the summer.

The development area is located in the district Gutleutmatten Haslach, which will be further developed "energy district Haslach Climate-neutral community" as part of the Baden-Württemberg Support Framework. The city had commissioned in accordance with the urban design competition aims to develop an innovative energy supply in order to realize another example from an environmental perspective flagship project. To 4.1 hectares in 2017 to about 500 new housing units for 1,300 residents arise. The supply scope of the project is planned 39 multi-family homes and 10 townhouses with a heated floor area of approximately 40,000 m 2 . This centrally located building area is thus part of the district-oriented climate policy and a major project with a special meaning in the Freiburg area.

To match this, have bathing Nova WärmePlus and the Fraunhofer ISE developed jointly with the city of Freiburg, a novel solar thermal heat supply. The concept is a combination of distributed solar thermal and district heat from the CHP plant in the Staudinger Comprehensive School. The solar thermal systems calculated to cover the summer heat requirement and allow at this time to shut down the heating network.

The heat builds bathing Nova subsidiary WÄRMEPLUS and operates the heating network and all residential systems including collector system, heat storage, transfer station and DHW heating. The company invested 3.5 million euros for the project. CEO Klaus Preiser pleased about the new challenge: "We will show that a district heating can make sense even for buildings with very good thermal insulation. We achieve this in  the one hand by an effective heat production from our operated with bio-methane cogeneration plant in the Staudinger Gesamtschule, which is at the same time produce green electricity for more than 1,200 households. Secondly, we achieve this through consistent integration of solar heat. Thus, the project is nationwide currently unique and has clear pioneer character. "

In order to make results and experiences in retrospect for other projects available, the project as part of the joint research and development project is "Solar Thermal in the city's energy supply (EnWiSol)" of the Fraunhofer ISE and bathing Nova WärmePlus monitored and analyzed by a team from the Fraunhofer ISE. Sebastian Herkel, Head of Solar construction at Fraunhofer ISE on the project: "The aim of the project is an energy-economic evaluation of solar thermal systems in the urban energy supply. The development of management strategies of heat supply systems based on combined heat and power in conjunction with decentralized solar thermal generation is investigated. "In the best case, it could be generally applicable rules for long-term use of solar thermal energy in comparable residential areas and in the context of a massively changing energy supply structure derived.

The Federal Environment Ministry supports the joint research and development projects at the Fraunhofer ISE and bathing Nova WärmePlus with a total of around 1.7 million euros as part of its research program for renewable energy.

Dieter Wörner, Chairman of the Environment Protection Agency of the City of Freiburg, explains the significance of the novel heat supply for the city: "With this innovative heat supply we get to our ambitious urban climate protection target that Freiburg until 2030 approximately 40% of the CO 2 will reduce emissions significantly closer . The heat supply of new buildings is CO 2 -neutral done. The building standard shall be according to the building land policy principles of Freiburg approximately corresponding to the efficiency house 55 KfW, so that the current KfW assistance can be availed. "

In addition to the new concept of heat supply also a consulting concept for the building owners will be prepared by the city, which provide information about the energy efficiency.Prospects and future clients along with a complimentary consultation to the technical requirements of the heat supply, construction standards and energy-related issues. End of October, the tender of the land has been started. Applicants for the land may 0800 / 7.24003 million receive a free initial consultation to all energy issues associated with the construction project at Tel number.

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