Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Petrobras gasoline launches new ultra-low sulfur content in Brazil

Petrobras launches new common premium gasoline and ultra low sulfur content, and distributed from January 1, 2014, replacing integrally throughout the Brazilian territory, the common premium gasoline and earlier.

The new gasoline are S-50 because they have a maximum sulfur content of 50 mg / kg or parts per million (ppm), representing a reduction of 94% from the sulfur content of gasoline previously marketed in Brazil, enabling the gifted introduction of modern technologies for treating and reducing emissions 35,000 tons / year of emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx) vehicles.

These gasolines reduce emissions of polluting gases leaving the engine exhaust pipe manufactured from 2009 up to 60% of nitrogen oxides (NOx) up to 45% of carbon monoxide (CO) and up to 55% Hydrocarbon (HC). New fuels also have benefits like low deposit formation on valves, fuel injectors and in the combustion chamber, increasing performance and prolonging the life of the catalyst, reduced engine wear, in addition to a longer life lubricant, maintaining energy efficiency with less maintenance cost.

Petrobras invests continuously in the development of its fuel and has pioneered the complete removal of lead in Brazilian gasoline in 1989.

The new gasolines are available in the network of filling stations throughout Brazil Petrobras as other national distributors and will remain identified in the suppliers of the service stations as "Common gasoline" or "premium gasoline," according to its type.

A new era in fuel

Between 2005 and 2013, Petrobras invested R $ 20.6 billion in 21 new units that allow gasoline production S-50 in all its refineries. This release consolidates a new era in fuel with ultra low sulfur content, a technological leap equivalent to the most demanding markets in the world quality.

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