Friday, January 3, 2014

Report shows need for urgent action for German network expansion

The monitoring report shows once again just how massive is necessary to intervene in the operation mode of power plants and save now in order to protect the power grid from being overloaded. "This underscores the urgency of network expansion, particularly in north-south direction. The power grid in Germany is available in some regions under considerable stress," said Hildegard Müller, Chairman of the Executive Board of the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) in Berlin today on the occasion of Publication of Monitoring Report 2013, the Federal Network Agency.

The report will illustrate, moreover, that the network operators invest heavily in the operation, maintenance and expansion of the network infrastructure in the wake of the energy transition. After cost reduction potentials have been exploited in recent years, and now the network charges increased due to the high investments for the integration of renewable energies in the transmission and distribution networks again. More and more clearly it would also regionally diverse loads, the network operator by the energy challenges. "The regulatory framework therefore must in our view be differentiated further developed. Even with the current network fee system in the electricity sector adjustments are necessary in order to avoid perverse incentives and a lack of solidarity., Announced in the coalition agreement between the CDU / CSU and SPD improve investment conditions for distribution network operators are likely not to be pushed the back burner, "said Mueller. was also gratifying that the President of the Bundeskartellamt, Andreas Mundt, for a mandatory direct marketing for new plants for renewable energies pronounce. Also BDEW advocates.

According Monitoring Report 2012 slightly more than 43 percent of all generated EEG quantities were marketed directly.This was attributable to the 2012 introduced market premium model to which the BDEW 2011 a concrete implementation proposal developed and now submitted proposals for its further development. "In the coalition agreement between the CDU / CSU and SPD demanded also by BDEW market and system integration of renewables is rightly named as an important reform goal. Overlooking the concrete implementation and the timetable we see, however, still considerable room for improvement," said the chairman of the BDEW the Executive Board concludes. The monitoring report documenting also again that the competition can be referred to the electricity and gas market, even by European standards as a real success story. In particular, the development of competition in the gas market runs according to the Federal Network Agency continued to perform well.Accordingly, the domestic customers of more than 50 different gas suppliers are supplied in the majority of network areas. "The German gas market is one of the most competitive in Europe," said the chairman of the BDEW the Executive Board. The amounts reported in the monitoring report also reflected the integration of the European gas market. The high transit quantities contained herein are a testament to Germany's role as a major hub in the international gas trade. The same is true for the European electricity market, in which Germany would continue to be the major trading route.

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