Monday, February 3, 2014

Iraqi crude oil exports in January fell by 4.8%

Iraqi crude oil exports in January fell by 113,000 b / d or 4.8% from December to 2.228 million b / d , according to data from Iraqi oil wells received late Sunday . The latest export figures is 351,000 b / d reached under current export in August 2013 of 2.579 million b / d high . Exports from southern Iraq fell by 44,000 b / d in January to 2.036 million b / d , while North exports slumped to only 192,000 b / d from 261,000 b / d in December. There were no exports of trucks to Jordan in January because of unrest along the interstate route to Jordan. Iraq has in recent years sent several thousand barrels / day of crude oil to Jordan by truck. 

A recent decline in southern export capacity , connected by a long period of maintenance with a period of bad weather , which lasted eight days in January caused , led to long queues of trucks waiting . invite reports from shipping sources showed that on 1 February a total of 13 tankers waiting for total throughput of around 22 million barrels waiting to load . This represents one-third of the expected export volume in February. The first tankers have to queue , waiting for 17 days. To close this gap , Iraq SOMO has crude oil in February reduced lifting of the expected 70 million barrels to 62.3 million barrels , the nominations for Basra. 

Iraq Oil Exports

 The work on the Basra export terminal to remove dirt, how to delete part of the maintenance work. Show Gulf terminal status reports that one of the four piers in Basra was for the greater part of January inoperative. This led to a reduction in the southern oil export capacity , and by default , the need to be closed in some southern production, estimated by Platts to 450,000 b / d in January. The possible operation of all four fixed fins at Basra and two single point moorings, combined with the beginning of the storage and pumping of the Fao onshore terminal is increased to the southern export capacity of around 2.7 million b / before September to December period of great work, around 3 million b / d by March this year d this is enough to make the planned production and export growth in 2014 expected to handle, according to Iraqi oil experts. 

Production capacity amounted to 3.4 million b / d in December 2013 and will climb to around 3.8 million b / d by the end of this year , though b / d target is still far behind the 4.5 million 2014 laid the Iraq national energy strategy. In the second quarter it was 120,000 b / d of new production from the Lukoil -West Qurna 2 field operated and operated 30,000 b / d of Gazprom Neft Badra - . In addition, around 100,000 b / d incremental production from other producing oil fields in the south , mainly from Halfaya and Rumaila , and the national total should increase d to around 3.6 million b / by mid-2014 . 

Iraq Oil production 

 Based on the January export figures and taking into account the expected internal supply rates to the power plants and refineries , mixed residue rates and adjustment for a decrease in stocks in the South, but an increase in stocks in Ceyhan , estimates Platts Iraqi production in January around 2.95 million b / d This is 52,000 b / d or 1.7% lower than the actual production rate in December 3.002 million b / d , according to the Iraqi oil wells , the volume of crude oil storage tanks in southern stored at the end of January 5.9 million barrels nearby. the available capacity of around 7 million barrels of exports from northern fields through the Turkish Mediterranean port of Ceyhan on average 192,000 b / d in January. -

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