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Zaporizhye nuclear power plant

Ukranian total electricity production in 2011 amounted to 195 TWh, with 6.3 TWh net exports. In 2011, 90 TWh (46%) was from nuclear, 75 TWh from coal, 18.5 TWh from gas, and 11 TWh from hydro. Electricity consumption was 140 TWh. In 2009, total capacity was over 52 GWe, and nuclear plant comprised 26.6% of this, hydro 9.3%. IAEA figures for 2013 had 78.2 TWh (43.6%) from nuclear.

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Zaporizhzhya NPP (Zaporizhzhya NPP) - Nuclear Power Plant , located in the steppe zone on the banks of the Kakhovka reservoir in Zaporizhia Oblast Ukraine near the city Enerhodar . It is the largest in Europe, nuclear power, it has 6 nuclear power .

Ukraine nuclear power reactors operating

The decision to build ZAES was made ​​in 1978 year.In 1981 began the phased construction of th power units. For in 1984 - 1,987 g. put into operation four units.

In 1989 g. began to operate five units, and the sixth - only in 1995 , after the cancellation of the moratorium on the construction of nuclear facilities in Ukraine. Starting block sixth International Institute of Finance and Economic Partnership ( USA ) noted Zaporizhzhya NPP "Torch of Birmingham". This award is given to companies for successful economic survival and development in the sphere of market relations.

Zaporizhye nuclear power plant 

Annually station generates about 40 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is a fifth of the total annual electricity production in the country and half of its production at Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

According to the results of a 2000 g. Zaporizhzhya NPP recognized as one of the top three nuclear power plants in the world that fully meet the requirements of the IAEA .The Zaporizhzhya NPP - the first among Ukraine nuclear power plants with VVER type reactors - built dry storage of spent nuclear fuel ( DSFSF ).Technology Zaporozhye DSFSF based on collections storage of spent fuel in ventilated concrete containers located at the site within the power plant.Project scope DSFSF in Zaporizhzhya NPP - 380 containers that provide for the next 50 years spent fuel storage collections to be removed from the reactor during the life of the station.

Zaporizhye nuclear power plant view 

Continuous monitoring of plant safety state exercise Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine , National Nuclear Energy Generating Company "Energoatom" , State Emergency Service of Ukraine , Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center . Every year, and in urgent need they inform Cabinet of Ukraine , the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine , committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on state of the main buildings and hydroelectric reservoirs.

A new facility for treatment solid radioactive waste is under construction at the site of Zaporozhe nuclear power plant, to be commissioned in 2015. It will be fitted with a state-of-the-art incinerator of Danish design.

Zaporizhye nuclear power plant 

At the end of 1995 Zaporozhe unit 6 was connected to the grid making Zaporozhe the largest nuclear power station in Europe, with a net capacity of 5718 MWe. (The second largest station operating is Gravelines, near Dunkerque in France, with a net capacity of 5460 MWe.)

Zaporizhye nuclear power plant 

In addition to the initial supply of fuel from Westinghouse, other aims of the project included the transfer of technology for the design of nuclear fuel. Westinghouse supplied a total of 630 fuel assemblies for South Ukraine 2 & 3 and Zaporozhe 5, though the trials to 2011 were deemed unsuccessful, with Energoatom claiming that manufacturing defects in the fuel led to a lengthy unscheduled outage at two of the units, while Westinghouse said that errors had been made during fuel loading. Each reactor has 163 fuel assemblies.

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