Thursday, January 15, 2015

Europe Gas Storage Data for 14-01-2015

European inventories were 68.42 percent full as of January 14, 2015, from 65.28 percent a year ago, according to Gas Infrastructure Europe, a lobby group of pipeline operators in Brussels.

454.8 million cubic meters of gas was withdrawn from storage facilities of Europe. Storage sites contained 57.12 billion cubic meters of gas which is 5.61 billion cubic meters more than 51.51 billion cubic meters of 2013 gas storage the same day. A net withdrawal from storage of 3.01 
Bcm for the week resulted in storage levels 10.89 % more than year-ago levels.

Ukraine has reduced natural gas reserves in its underground gas storage facilities by %38.26 , or by 6.41 billion cubic meters , since the start of the 2014-2015 heating season, according to preliminary data from gas transport operator Ukrtransgaz.

As of October 19 2014, Ukrainian facilities had 16.75 billion cubic meters of gas at the end of its gas injection season, while this figure was 10.34 billion cubic meters as of 
January 14 which means the storage is %32.37 full now.

During the week ending on 
January 14, Ukraine withdrew average of 78 million cubic meters of gas per day.Ukraine storage may cover as much as 132 days of consumption within this last week's average.

Europe Storage Data for  14-01-2014

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